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rfid building evacuationDuring a crisis or building evacuation, how do you keep track of employees, staff and visitors? Can you track all staff that have exited without requiring badge swipes? Grant employees, contractors, and approved visitor’s entry into your facilities without the use of codes or transferable passes while maintaining greater corporate access control.


Radiant RFID’s access management and accountability solution consists of industry standard Gen 2 passive RFID tags for personnel and access control hardware including environmentally protected RFID interrogators with proven reader-based software for reliable performance.


Combined with our Asset Tracking Solution, organizations can have a complete picture of staff, visitors and IT assets across multiple locations.



rfid asset trackingRadiant RFID’s Virtual Asset Tracker (VAT) enables users to readily track assets in a wide variety of environments without crawling under desks, climbing on ladders, or opening cabinets. Utilizing the latest in RFID technology from Motorola/Symbol®, Radiant’s Virtual Asset Tracker allows the monitoring of all types of assets ranging from common IT assets such as desktops, laptops and projectors to expensive equipment, assets and vehicles.


VAT helps improve accuracy of inventory, increases the efficiency of the inventory process, and, in some instances, helps safeguard the tagged assets. Radiant’s solution supports both active and passive RFID depending on the customer’s environment and goals. Because they each use label type tags, many people think that barcodes and RFID are the same.


In reality, RFID is a more powerful and efficient technology. Line of sight and single read limitations prevent barcode technology from providing substantial gains in efficiency. The application of RFID technology allows for reading of multiple tags at one time without requiring line of sight. The limitations on barcodes are that they require line of sight to the barcode itself, only one bar code can be read at a time. RFID does not require line of sight and can read multiple tags at once.


The RFID reader “sees” all identified tags within its adjustable range with the click of a button, feeding back information regarding those assets it has located. The tag information is cross-referenced against the assigned physical location in the database and assets are recorded as present, missing or relocated. Virtual Asset Tracker is the perfect solution for the challenges faced by anyone in charge of a large number of assets and allows users to accurately and efficiently manage the physical location of inventory items.


  • User Management
  • Inventory Association
  • Location Association and Detection
  • Server Synchronization
  • Inventory with User Alerts
  • Receiving
  • Exception and Inventory Reporting
  • Transfer of Location
  • Transfer of Asset Ownership


  • Asset Tracking Solution
  • Asset Movement Notification Live Inventory


  • Asset tracking application based on the latest Motorola handheld devices
  • Database independent. Integrates with Excel or database systems.
  • Highly scalable architecture with core server application and handheld clients
  • Virtually unlimited number of assets may be tracked
  • Use bar code and/or RFID for asset and location tracking
  • Enables association of user data, photographs and other asset information
  • Supports wireless & USB synchronization
  • ERP synchronization module available



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