rfid building evacuationIn today’s world, reliable facility and building evacuation is critically important. Radiant RFID’s Employee Mustering Solution delivers accurate, real-time reporting of your employees’ and guests’ locations during an evacuation without requiring badge swipes or manual checklists. Whether your facility is a large corporate headquarters, an oil refinery, government building, manufacturing facility, or a power plant, our RFID system integrates seamlessly into your existing employee evacuation plan.


Utilizing the latest in RFID technology, Radiant RFID enables organizations to automatically determine which employees, guests, suppliers, and /or students have safely arrived at assembly areas — and which people remain inside facilities — while providing important last-seen location data.


  • Operations and Facilities: Enhance efficiency and safety by understanding facility usage during peak times.
  • Security: Achieve greater visibility of, and better manage access for employees and/or students, visitors and contractors. Integrated access management and perimeter door monitoring available.
  • Evacuation Wardens: Determine who is unaccounted for quickly and report more timely missing persons’ information and last-seen location data to first responders in the event of an evacuation.
  • First Responders: Receive more accurate, real-time missing persons and location information for improved situational awareness during the most critical moments of emergency response.



rfid building evacuation softwareThe Radiant RFID Employee Mustering solution is a combination of RFID-enabled badges, fixed RFID readers at key building assembly areas, ingress and egress points, a single or multiple unit deployment of our mobile Muster Kit, and our easy-to-use software. Because it is portable, the Muster Kit provides maximum flexibility to manage employee mustering outside facilities (ex: parking lots) during the fluid times of an emergency.



Unlike proximity access cards, which require each user to come into very close contact with a reader, our UHF Gen 2 RFID Badges deliver a much greater read range, enabling users to simply pass within a few feet to be picked up by the system. During times of crisis, the solution automates roll call at designated locations, resulting in more accurate manifests and last-seen location information.


The Muster Kit is always on and contains a local, RFID software database that shows who was in the building at the point prior to an incident. The kit deploys during an emergency and can detect the presence of employees within 25 feet, and additional remote devices can be used to easily increase the coverage of employee and visitor detection — making any location an assembly area.


  • Mobile device integration
  • Equis mobile app (iOS & Android) for Muster Captains and personnel
  • Standalone portable mustering station
  • Report of missing person(s) with last location
  • Printable manifests
  • Optional smartphone / tablet app


With over 13 years of experience in assisting the State of Texas and others prepare for and respond to various large-scale threats and evacuations, including 2012 Hurricane Sandy, 2010 Hurricane Alex, and 2008 Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, Radiant is uniquely qualified to help manage all of your employee evacuation and mustering needs.



As one of the fastest growing RFID companies in the industry, more organizations are trusting Radiant RFID with what matters most. Radiant’s high performance active and passive RFID technology solutions, coupled with world-class service and support, keeps tabs on your assets so you can focus on everything else.

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