Radiant RFID Answers the Question, “Where is That…?” with Minimal Human Involvement and Maximum Accuracy.


ico-asset-tracking-2016One of the most complex challenges large organizations face is efficiently keeping track of critical assets while reporting real-time item disposition. It is a scenario that, without a reliable, automated asset tracking system, often increases redundancies, expenditures and labor.


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By automating data collection, IoT tracking technologies vastly reduce human effort – and error. Because RFID, BLE and GPS technologies read multiple tags at once without requiring a line of sight, customers are able to more quickly and accurately locate assets without scanning labels one-by-one. When tracking assets is easy to do, it gets done.


Radiant RFID’s asset tracking platform answers the question, “Where is that…?” Benefits are recognized across many departments:

  • Accounting & Finance: enable true cost control and audit-proof inventory. Improve asset accounting with customized and ad hoc reports of asset locations, trends, status, and history.
  • IT: support life cycle management and scale more efficiently
  • Facilities & Security: protect critical information on devices
  • Operations: Quickly locate critical equipment and achieve real-time physical asset inventory.



Radiant’s Virtual Asset Tracking Solution (VAT), a comprehensive suite of tags, readers and software, uses the latest in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Bluetooth Smart, and GPS technologies to locate assets in a wide variety of environments. The time it takes to conduct inventory is significantly reduced while data accuracy is increased. Everything from computers, smart devices, book, furniture, vehicles, and supplies can be reliably located. The solution integrates passive and active RFID, bar code and GPS into a single intuitive system.


  • Quickly locate critical equipment
  • Reduce inventory time
  • Achieve real-time physical inventory of assets
  • Enhance productivity by remotely monitoring assets and infrastructure
  • Deliver more timely information for decision making
  • Improve security by preventing assets from leaving premises and keeping designated assets out of unauthorized areas




iot rfid asset tracking softwareThe evolution of asset tracking technology has made taking inventory faster and more efficient. In the beginning, metal ID plates allowed personnel to more easily identify key items. Of course, one still had to read them individually, and human error in data capture limited effectiveness.


The ubiquitous bar code automated the process and allowed people to scan individual items using a handheld scanner. RFID is the next generation of technology and allows users to scan multiple items at one time and does not require line of sight. Unlike bar codes, RFID and Bluetooth Smart systems, including tags, readers and software, enable personnel to locate tagged items without climbing ladders, crawling under desks, or having to be in direct line of sight.



Our RFID asset management system integrates with ERP systems like SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Banner, Sage, ServiceNow, and SunGard, and delivers standard reporting including:

  • Exception Report
  • Matching Report
  • Lost Inventory
  • Total Inventory
  • Moved Assets


The solution is utilized used by public and private organizations to solve complex asset management challenges, including the areas of:

  • IT asset tracking
  • Data center asset tracking
  • Oil & gas and utilities
  • Automotive solutions for supply chain
  • Industrial asset management
  • Public sector / state and federal agency asset management
  • Law enforcement asset tracking



At Radiant RFID, we keep track of our clients’ most valuable assets. For building safety, this may be people. For large corporations, law enforcement or government organizations, they are often complex technology systems ranging from desktops to servers to oil & gas and heavy industrial equipment.


As one of the fastest growing RFID companies in the industry, more organizations trust Radiant RFID with what matters most. Radiant’s high performance active and passive RFID technology solutions, coupled with world-class service and support, keeps tabs on your assets so you can focus on everything else.




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