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New: Panther App for iOS & Android

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bluetooth asset tracking appRadiant is pleased to announce commercial availability of Panther, an iOS and Android app that reads Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) beacons in full background mode. Panther automatically inventories assets tagged with Radiant beacons – no tapping, aiming, or hardware required. As employees and contractors move throughout a customer’s organization’s facilities, their Panther-enabled smartphones “read” beacons and synchronize to VAT.

Benefits for Panther Users:

  • – Panther operates in 100% background mode. Users do not have to remember to open and close the app or login each time to use.
  • – Users schedule inventory times. Panther is disabled during non-scheduled times.
  • – No need to carry additional equipment to perform inventory. Panther locates and inventories nearby beacons on it’s own while users are performing their daily tasks.


Benefits for VAT Customers:

  • – Because the Radiant VAT Platform enables multiple tracking technologies, customers can add BLE tracking capabilities quickly.
  • – Customers only need to license a Panther software module in addition to their VAT licenses. No app fees.
  • – Panther reads Radiant Beacons, which are battery powered up to 5 years. The beacons can be inventoried by both Panther and VAT 2Go. The difference is Panther is a beacon-only app designed to perform background inventory of high-value and/or widely dispersed assets. VAT 2Go offers multiple functions as well as RFID tracking.


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