Virtual Asset Tracker

ico-asset-tracking-2016Traditional asset management is often both time and labor intensive, often resulting in redundant purchases and reduced productivity. As technology has tried to keep pace with organizational demands, recent advances in RFID systems have elevated location tracking and reporting to faster, more accurate inventory and asset management.



Radiant’s Virtual Asset Tracker answers the question, “Where is that…” with minimal human involvement and maximum accuracy. VAT:


  • Keeps track of expected and exact locations of all types of assets;
  • Provides robust reporting and analytics that integrate with popular ERP systems;
  • Features an easy-to-use, configurable interface with dashboard-style home screen for convenient asset overview; Supports passive and active RFID tags;
  • Works with fixed and mobile handheld RFID scanners and smartphones;
  • Works with bar codes to enable customers to transition to RFID at their own paces, and
  • Offers item-level tracking and updating with our mobile companion app for iOS and Android devices.




Whether you are searching for a single asset, performing regular inventory or auditing assets, VAT enables faster and more accurate item-level reporting including Total Inventory, Exception Reporting, Matching Reporting, and Lost Inventory:


  • Property Custodians and Asset Managers: Perform regular inventory faster and more accurately than traditional asset tracking methods.
  • Finance and Accounting: Audit and report capital equipment more precisely.
  • IT Managers: Replace and assign IT assets more quickly than spreadsheet or bar code systems.
  • Facilities and Security: reduce loss and increase accountability by quickly viewing ‘last seen’ location data for individual or groups of assets.




Faster, More Accurate Locating: By automating data collection, RFID technology vastly reduces human effort and error. Imagine locating many assets in a room in a matter of seconds, rather than hours. Because RFID technology reads multiple tags at once without requiring a line of site, customers are able to more quickly and accurately locate assets without climbing on ladders, cramming under desks, or scanning labels one-by-one.


RFID 101

RFID is a technology that enables data collection using radio waves. A system typically consists of four components: RFID tags, RFID readers, antennas, and software. RFID tags contain a small chip and antenna and are programmed with unique EPC numbers. RFID readers capture and compile tag data, which is collected and formatted by software in a way that is easy to use throughout an organization. Compared to bar codes and manual systems, RFID is exponentially faster as multiple tags can be read at once, and tag reads do not require a line of sight.



Radiant understand that choosing an organization-wide solution is a complex decision, which is why Virtual Asset Tracker also supports older technologies, such as bar code. VAT makes it easy to import and associate RFID to existing items so that customers can steadily upgrade at their desired pace.


We offer seamless integration to ERP systems such as Oracle, SAP and SunGard. VAT imports and exports to these systems right out of the box. Our application “RFID enables” existing applications and feeds data where needed to increase value and provide up-to-date, accurate information.



Radiant provides complete RFID solutions that keep track of the world’s most dynamic assets. Our customers include large corporations, educational institutions, and public agencies. Since 2004, we have led the industry in solving complex organizational challenges related to IT asset management, emergency management, RFID mustering, and education.

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