RFID Solutions for Emergency Support Service Groups


SAFETY-SOLUTIONS-FOR-PUBLIC-AGENCIESRadiant RFID‘s All Hazard Response Network assists Emergency Management personnel in keeping families united throughout an evacuation. Whether it is children and parents or families and pets, Radiant’s solution is the only RFID-based solution that assists Emergency Management teams with large scale disaster management by making the perpetual movement of people, pets and assets easy to manage without continuously stopping people to take names or scan barcodes.


  • Locate and inventory nearby resources for delivery to emergencies
  • Deliver food and supplies to the right locations at the right time
  • View and report event information from macro and micro levels
  • Review data and gather insight for the future


With over 10 years of experience in supporting the State of Texas and others’ emergency preparation and response efforts, including Hurricanes Alex, Ike, Gustav, Rita, and Sandy, Radiant’s solution provides the ability to assess event status and respond quickly by keeping all aspects of the movement visible to each operation’s team.


For operations center management, the solution aids in overall evacuation status. When transported, relocated or upon entering a shelter, evacuee location is passively updated and a manifest is provided to the shelter hosts and central operations.


The All Hazard Response Network ties together RFID tracking at the individual level, GPS tracking to monitor transportation as well as integration into patient management systems such as EM Track™.


  • Evacuation management
  • Disaster management
  • Responder management
  • Shelter management
  • Corporate building evacuation
  • Campus evacuation
  • Base Camp management
  • Oil refinery mustering
  • iOS and Android applications


  • UHF Wristband
  • Pet Tracker
  • Fully hosted solution
  • Fully integrated
  • Network enabled
  • Gen2 compatible
  • Customized reporting/usage statistics
  • Per activation lease option available
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