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SAFETY-SOLUTIONS-FOR-PUBLIC-AGENCIESRadiant RFID‘s All Hazard Response Network assists Emergency Management personnel in keeping groups united throughout an evacuation. Whether it is evacuees or first responders, Radiant’s solution is the only RFID-based solution that assists Emergency Management teams with large scale events by making the perpetual movement of people, pets, first responders, and assets easy to manage without continuously stopping people to take names or scan barcodes.


On a local level, managing police, fire, EMS, and public works personnel can become complicated as the scope of an event increases. Accurately accounting for responder locations is critical to coordination and reporting. That’s why Radiant developed a local solution for everyday responder activities. Our Responder Tracking Solution integrates directly into the All Hazard Response Network, a state-level RFID based emergency management system.



Radiant’s automated, near-time tracking Responder Tracking Solution can account for all responders during an emergency response or major event. The tracking needs of an incident commander are addressed in a federally mandated National Incident Management System (NIMS) requirement.



The Radiant RFID Responder Tracking Solution is a combination of mobile RFID readers that can easily be deployed for immediate responder check-in, and smart device technology, such as an iPad or iPhone, to record status changes of personnel when reassigned.


This solution helps account for the overall status of personnel and records their movement into and out of an incident. From a personnel tracking point-of-view, this means that the Incident Commander will have full situational awareness of ALL responders’ locations and assignments.


The mobile RFID reader is carried and easily deployed during an emergency and can detect the presence of a responder within 25 feet, making the check-in process more efficient. The addition of smart device technology allows resource tracking personnel to accurately assign responders, e.g. Command Post, Division A, Transport Group, etc.


  • Mobile device integration
  • Standalone portable check-in station
  • Responder movement history report with last seen location
  • Agency personnel report
  • Work-time report
  • Printable and exportable manifests
  • Optional iOS and Android apps


Radiant RFID is recognized as a thought leader for Radio Frequency Identification solutions, delivering focused and complete solutions for asset tracking, emergency management, education, and event management.


We provide a complete solution of tags, readers, software, and experience that enables organizations to quickly and accurately account for personnel during an emergency – with very little human intervention.

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