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A Platform that Scales with Solutions that Deliver – Infographic

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“Behind the scenes” of RadiPrintant’s web portal and business applications lies the Radiant Platform, a multi-faceted software engine that determines what and how data is delivered to customers. It turns raw data into business intelligence.


Because many customers use a combination of technologies to gain insight into different types of assets, the platform was designed to scale quickly and easily. We can add new types of devices to the reader/device network in days and weeks versus months. For example, the robustness of the platform’s architecture made adding Bluetooth Low Energy technology a relatively fast process. In addition to passive RFID, the platform has scaled to support BLE, GPS and of course, barcode.


Once data is received into the platform, the software layers translate and deliver the right information to the right people. Modules are the business applications that address specific customer problems – tracking assets (VAT) vs. event-based mass evacuations (Equis and AHRN), for example. Modules utilize a common platform.


A Reporting layer pushes data to customers based on rules that they define. This comes in the form of report subscriptions initiated by triggers, push notifications and alerts for events, and custom notifications. Finally, customers interact with their data using modern tools, including a cloud-based web interface and iOS & Android apps for smart devices.


The Radiant team of software and hardware developers is dedicated to innovation, especially in driving our products to deliver meaningful data in modern, easy-to-use ways. The Radiant Platform makes this possible.

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