Carnegie Mellon University Chooses Radiant RFID’s Virtual Asset Tracker

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rfid asset tracking softwareAUSTIN, Texas – Carnegie Mellon University has selected Virtual Asset Tracker (VAT), Radiant RFID’s end-to-end asset management solution, to manage asset security and location visibility for the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department’s  IT assets and test equipment.


Radiant is the industry leader in higher education IT asset management, enabling customers to track and manage over 500,000 assets across hundreds of campuses. Because many assets are purchased with grant funding, Carnegie Mellon required a solution that would allow them to quickly and successfully respond to audits and improve overall asset tracking accuracy and efficiency.


By automating data collection, RFID technology vastly reduces human effort – and error. Traditional methods such as bar codes and spreadsheets are time consuming and inaccurate.  Because RFID technology reads multiple tags at once without requiring a line of site, customers are able to more quickly and accurately locate assets, respond to audits, and reduce maverick spend.


Radiant RFID is deploying a passive RFID solution that includes traditional handheld and fixed RFID readers, UHF Gen2 RFID tags, hosted RFID software, on-site training, and ongoing customer support.  Additionally, Carnegie Mellon University will utilize Radiant’s new VAT2Go smartphone app for greater visibility and tracking of assets.


Like many customers, Carnegie Mellon has multiple software systems in use at the university and needed VAT to seamlessly integrate and share data with these systems.  Radiant’s Automated Import and Export Module makes this process easy, consistent and reliable and will enable finance and property management to focus on better asset utilization and tracking.


During an audit, VAT quickly reports what assets are assigned to, located within, or missing from a location.  This information enables administrators to rapidly and accurately reconcile inventory and account for asset movement from room to room, building to building, and even campus to campus, thus saving time and money while fostering a philosophy of reuse.


Radiant’s VAT customers track and manage millions of assets every day. Carnegie Mellon University joins Radiant’s large family of higher education customers that utilize the asset tracking solution to keep track of equipment, furniture, vehicles, laptops, data center assets, and more.



Radiant RFID, LLC provides complete solutions that keep track of the world’s most dynamic assets. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Radiant’s customers include corporations, educational institutions, and public agencies. Radiant’s solutions are designed specifically for asset management, emergency management, and RFID mustering. For more information call (512) 351-4915 or visit Radiant’s website.

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