NEW: VAT 5.2.2 Released Today

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We are pleased to announce a major upgrade for Virtual Asset Tracker (VAT) was released Monday, December 16th, 2013. Hosted customers automatically received the update on RFID handhelds and Web Asset Manager.



vat-522The new version features significant speed and performance enhancements along with new features and an optional module. Customers will experience:

  • Significant increase in performance of the Find feature of Mobile Asset Tracker.
  • Significant increase in synchronization speed of Mobile Asset Tracker when uploading inventory data to server.
  • Improved import speed in Web Employee Manager
  • Improved performance of integration services significantly decreases the time required to import assets via the Web services API
  • Mobile Storekeeper – Customers can now add a person during checkout via magstripe reader or keyboard entry. Mobile Storekeeper now supports background synchronization to ensure the VAT server contains up-to-the-minute data.
  • Usability enhancements to Web Asset Manager, VAT Portal, and Online Asset Transfer.



find-featureUsers can now toggle between normal Inventory and Asset Status Check. Doing so removes the ‘seen’ icon from assets that have already been inventoried, enabling users to conduct multiple “spot checks” at the same location.


  • Maintaining a full audit trail of assets is now faster and easier with Centralized Receiving & Delivery. Using an RFID handheld and location tags, asset and property managers can:
  • Verify that the delivery of assets physically occurred at a specific location.
  • Capture the delivery time, date and user delivering or receiving assets.
  • Limit the set of data accessible to the user making or accepting the delivery to those assets in designated “warehouse” locations.
  • View delivery information for each asset.
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