Radiant RFID Installs Building Access Control Solution for Coach America

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rfid building evacuationRadiant RFID today announced that Coach America, a leading provider of passenger ground transportation services, has expanded its use of the Radiant RFID Access Control Solution. Coach America now uses the latest in UHF RFID technology to monitor and control access to its San Antonio office building.


“We felt that the Radiant RFID solution was best suited to help us meet our access control goals” said Rich Funke, General Manager. “We were able to leverage our initial investment and expand it to our offices. The Radiant system provides better performance than a proximity card system. It is unobtrusive and works for gates and doors without requiring personnel to carry separate badges. Additionally, in case of emergency, we know who is in our building at any time; because unlike a proximity card, UHF RFID captures all entrances and exits regardless of if you follow someone into the office.”


The Coach solution ties the existing Access Control software to RFID readers at doorways and permits access based on badge permissions. Antennas are discreetly mounted around doorways and UHF RFID provides longer read ranges and permits access without having to swipe or present badge.


“Coach approached us to help with security and access and we are very happy that they expanded the use of our Access Control solution to include the main San Antonio personnel office” said Cynthia Rubio, President of Radiant RFID. “Coach has increased building and employee security without the cost and trouble of having to install a separate solution using new and different components. We continue to see the expansion of RFID helping in new areas with our customers”



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Coach America is the largest tour and charter bus operator and the second largest motorcoach service provider in the US surface transportation industry. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Coach America provides transportation services throughout the United States.

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