Radiant RFID’s Access Control Solution Passes 5 Million Tag Read Milestone

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rfid building evacuationRadiant RFID and The Hills of Lakeway passed the five million tag read milestone today. A Hills of Lakeway resident vehicle approached the entry gate to the neighborhood at Lohmann’s Crossing; the RFID tag affixed to the windshield was read, validated with the Radiant RFID Access Control software, and the gate to the neighborhood was opened. Exactly as the system was designed. All within a matter of milliseconds.


“We are extremely pleased with the reliability and the dependability of the Radiant RFID Access Control solution” said Angela Thielemans, Community Association Manager. “It provides greater security and peace of mind for the residents at the Hills of Lakeway and also allows the security guards working at the primary entrances to the community to assist visitors and contractors more quickly and efficiently. Additionally, residents are able to access the neighborhood faster and we don’t worry about lost gate clickers or shared access codes.”


The Access Control solution consists of RFID access tags, RFID readers and antennas at entry and exit points, and the Radiant RFID Access Control software. Tags are read as residents approach entry gates and access is granted based on tag permissions. Temporary tags for visitors and contractors can be issued and access can be controlled by day of week and time of day.


“The Hills of Lakeway and their property management company were looking for ways to allow faster and more reliable access for residents, increase security for the neighborhood, and use newer technology than gate codes and clickers” said Cynthia Rubio, President of Radiant RFID. “They wanted a solution that is unobtrusive to the residents and dependable in all weather conditions. The five millionth tag read is a small celebration of our joint success for meeting and exceeding system requirements. We look forward to 10, 20, 30 million tag reads and more.”



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Set only a short mile from the shores of Lake Travis, The Hills of Lakeway has over 7,200 residents and offers a choice of amenities including a country club, golf, tennis, hiking trails, a fitness center and more. The Hills of Lakeway is considered a real value for those who appreciate living in the Texas Hill Country. Additionally, The Hills plays annual host to the Champions Tour Golf Tournament.

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