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Radiant RFID

RFID Asset Management

Inventory Assets Across Thousands of Locations


rfid for asset managementFrom weapons and protective gear to laptops and radios, Radiant is the leader in enabling law enforcement agencies to keep track of myriad assets across literally hundreds of locations. Achieve greater inventory control and re-use with automated, rather than manual, asset management.


Radiant RFID’s handheld-based Asset Tracking Solution for Law Enforcement enables users to readily track assets in a wide variety of environments without crawling under desks, climbing on ladders or opening cabinets. Utilizing the latest in handheld RFID technology from Motorola/Symbol®, Radiant’s Virtual Asset Tracker allows the monitoring of all types of assets from vehicles to computers, boats, protective gear, radio equipment, laptop computers, fax machines, night-vision goggles, walkie-talkies, handguns, and rifles.



Virtual Asset Tracker, a handheld computer based solution, synchronizes with a database server, allowing users to take inventory while disconnected from the main data source; eliminating paper and manual inventory processes. When the handheld is within WiFi range or connected to the main computer, the inventory information is automatically uploaded for up-to-the-minute tracking of assets.


rfid handheld readerDesigned specifically for law enforcement agencies, Radiant’s Virtual Asset Tracker solution for Law Enforcement helps

  • Improve accuracy of inventory for state compliance
  • increase the efficiency of inventory process, and
  • Safeguard tagged taxpayer-financed equipment, particularly at a time when many states are facing budget deficits



Whether converting from a fully manual or bar code based inventory system, Virtual Asset Tracker assists in the migration to RFID by allowing manual entry or scanning of current asset tags and associating these to an RFID identification.


When taking inventory, users merely enter a room and scan the location by waving the handheld toward items being inventoried. This means no longer having to scale ladders, crawl beneath desks or find keys in order to read numbers or find asset tag or bar code IDs.



  • User Management
  • Inventory Association
  • Location Association and Detection
  • Server Synchronization
  • Inventory with User Alerts
  • Receiving
  • Exception and Inventory Reporting
  • Transfer of Location
  • Transfer of Asset Ownership



  • Asset Tracking Solution
  • Asset Movement Notification Live inventory



  • Asset tracking application based on the latest Motorola handheld devices
  • Database independent. Integrates with Excel or database systems.
  • Highly scalable architecture with core server application and handheld clients
  • Virtually unlimited number of assets may be tracked
  • Use bar code and/or RFID for asset and location tracking
  • Enables association of user data, photographs and other asset information
  • Supports wireless & USB Synchronization
  • ERP synchronization module available



rfid evidence trackingRadiant RFID’s DNA Sample Tracking Solution allows users to quickly locate, inventory and search for evidence among the hundred of thousands of samples present in most lab environments. DNA Sample Tracking has been tailored specifically for the needs of organizations with large quantities of samples to manage and store. This solution is specialized for high-density storage and can scan a container of hundreds of samples to 99.97% accuracy.


The process is incredibly straightforward. Simply approach a container, and your handheld emits a signal to let you know you are nearby. Containers are inventoried using a customized cart.