Choosing The Right RFID Tags for The Right Assets

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Did you know that there are thousands of RFID tags in the marketplace today? From basic label tags to specialty applications, manufacturers and converters across the globe are offering passive, semi-passive, active, and battery-assisted RFID tags.

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At Radiant, our breadth of RFID engineering experience means the right tags for the right assets. During the sales process, we investigate customer requirements in great detail and then present options based on performance, aesthetics, and size.


What Drives RFID Tag Pricing? Not surprisingly, tag pricing is primarily driven by order volume. For example, on most assets in a corporate or university environment, a customer can utilize one to two types of tags, thereby increasing the volume per order and reducing costs. Most often we can purchase tags through partnerships for less than MSRP and pass the savings onto our customers.
With edge-case assets such as DNA samples, radios, microscopes, valves, containers, etc., our R&D expertise benefits customers by bringing a proven, successful tag to their environment.choosing tags1


At our in-house Solution Center, we use RFID testing equipment to independently verify that the manufacturer’s specifications will meet our customers’ use cases. This knowledge enables customers to fully understand which two or three tags out of thousands available work for their unique applications and environments.


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After our customers have selected tags, we negotiate price, advise and ensure quality tag design, then process tags through our extensive Quality Assurance process before delivering them to the customer.


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