Radiant Releases First Responder Location Reporting for 2013 Hurricane Season

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SAFETY-SOLUTIONS-FOR-PUBLIC-AGENCIESAUSTIN, Texas – Radiant RFID’s Responder Tracking Solution, a newly released component of the award-winning All Hazard Response Network platform, is being released for the 2013 U.S. hurricane season that begins this week. The solution delivers real-time, actionable data that enables responders, emergency managers, and incident commanders to make decisions with greater speed and accuracy than traditional methods.


Managing police, fire, EMS, and public works locations and assignments becomes increasingly complex as an event’s scope expands. During a statewide hurricane, for example, thousands of first responders and public works personnel are activated to support evacuation and sheltering. Radiant’s solution provides responders and emergency operations managers with an RFID-enabled system that improves speed and accuracy of responder check-in, movement history, and critical last-seen location information.


The solution replaces manual check-in and location assignment activities with a combination of RFID and GPS technology deployed via the web and smart devices, including iOS and Android phones and tablets. It is built on the foundation of Radiant’s All Hazard Response Network, a statewide, RFID-based emergency management system.


Emergency operations managers at jurisdiction and state levels achieve accurate, real-time situational awareness throughout major events and agency-level personnel reports post-event, improving reimbursement accuracy for both responders and volunteers.


The solution can be deployed to individual jurisdictions, regionally or by activation if called upon at a statewide level if the state is subscribed to the All Hazard Response Network, Radiant’s internationally award-winning RFID emergency response management platform that RFID-enables evacuation and sheltering management.


Successfully utilized during Hurricanes Alex, Ike, Gustav, Rita, and Sandy, Radiant RFID’s All Hazard Response Network has supported statewide evacuation and reunification of over 45,000 people and pets with their loved ones since 2004.



Radiant RFID, LLC provides complete solutions that keep track of the world’s most dynamic assets. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Radiant’s customers include corporations, educational institutions, and public agencies. Radiant’s solutions are designed specifically for asset management, emergency management, and RFID mustering. For more information call (512) 351-4915 or visit Radiant’s website.

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